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If you're a high roller / VIP player, you have just arrived to the right place, on this page we have the best online casinos for high rollers / VIP players listed for you. At the below listed online casinos you’ll find yourself particularly spoiled and with extra bonuses, gifts and great prizes and many other goodies just waiting for you!

Below you’ll find more information on how to define in general a high roller / VIP player? What are the advantages VIP players has how to become a VIP player and much more, we suggest you’d keep reading…

The Best Online Casinos for High Rollers / VIP Players

Online Casino SpecialityWelcome Bonus
Club USA Casino (VIP)
 Club USA CasinoDaily and monthly rewards-
A high roller is an above than average player who makes bets in an online casino. High rollers often receive generous benefits from online casinos in order to lure them to play. In land-based casinos in areas such as Las Vegas or Macau the extra treatment is often to include free private jet and limousine transfers for high rollers, as well as overnight stays in the best suites in the casino / hotel.
High Rollers casinos also offer extra credit, and even discounts / cash-back on betting turnover or loss. Another example of how different high rollers / VIP players are being treated is that they do not have to abide by all rules and regulations, for example: the high roller rooms at Crown Casino in Melbourne is the only licensed venue in Australia, in which smoking is permitted.

There is no precise definition for the word High Roller, at the Crown Casino in Australia you have to carry with you at least $50,000 AUD to the table (about €34,000) to be classified as a high roller. Casinos compete on the high rollers betting limits, the ones offered in Australia are typically around $300,000 AUD, in Las Vegas between $200,000 and $350,000 AUD, and in Macao up to $500,000 AUD.

the online casinos world is different. Most online casinos have a special VIP program for novice players, for example: 888 Casino - one of the largest casinos on the Internet - you have to collect 150,000 comp points and paid at least €2,500 in order to be classified as a VIP player / High Roller. For each use of $10, you get one comp point in 888 Casino…

Europa Casino has a very spacious high roller bonus. If you deposit €1,000, you get €500 a gift from the casino and are automatically considered high roller into the VIP program included. At Swiss Casino, the High Roller bonus stands on €1,000 for a deposit of higher than €300.

Come to that it's easier to be considered as a high roller in an online casino than it is in a land based casino, the Internet casinos does have a nice advantage. But so far we’ve discussed only about definition of how to be considered a high roller and about the bonuses you’ll get at the online casinos, now you ask yourself, what does it give me except an extra bonus?

At the online casinos, high rollers enjoy all or some of the following benefits:

• VIP service - in a good online casino, high rollers usually get their own VIP Manager. These managers are there to keep the player fully entertained with the casino and often even develop friendships with the high rollers, this usually occur in special VIP events, trips and conferences. Of course, any high roller can expect getting the best customer and technical service, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with no exception.

• Higher Table Limits - High Rollers can afford to bet in large volumes. Consequently, some online casinos, just like the land-based casinos offers special tables with higher limits / betting ranges. Most people believe that you can only place high bets on the table games. Nowadays, this is not quite true, because there are a few slot machines, which allows a single bet of up to €250 per hand twist! Of course, the potential gains / risks at such high bets are also extremely high ... If you want to make bets that are above average, just get on with the VIP customer service for an agreement of special table or game limits.

• Faster payments and withdrawals - Usually you have to wait 3 to 7 days, until you get the profits from an online casino. As a high roller at some casinos you can even expect your winnings to be paid in one day.

• Better conversion rates for the collection of Comp Points - (e.g €2 for every 100 comp points instead of the usual €1 for every 100 points).

• High Roller events - high rollers can get special invitations such as luxurious trips, sports events and music concerts in the VIP-style. Particularly famous example is the 888 Casino where high rollers are treated like kings with unimaginable gifts, trips to Vegas and tickets to football games sponsored by Sevilla as well as celebrations parties, Led Zeppelin concert tickets and much more gifts!

• Special birthday gifts - laptops, iPods and other gadgets could be sent on your birthday, delivered using a courier and are waiting for you when you are considered as a high roller at one of the good online casinos.

• Extra Bonuses – As already mentioned above, there are particularly high bonuses for high rollers. Nevertheless, we would advise you to include first contact with the customer service before you deposit €1000 or more. Negotiate with the online casino! You will see that the more you’ll play at different casino the better offers gets.

If you're a high roller, we would recommend you above all the Europa Casino, Swiss Casino and Royal Vegas Casino from the Fortune Lounge group. These three casinos have the biggest VIP / High Roller departments, the best VIP manager and the most favorable conditions for players with above-average bankrolls.