2-4 Hand Jacks or Better

Software: Odds On
Jacks or Better is an online casino game with maximum bet of $100 to minimum bet of $.5 per deal. Five cards are place on the table and bet for a chance to win maximum. On hitting jackpot, 4000 coin is offer to the player. Choose any number of hand from 2-4 to play in this game. Game starts with just one hand open, as all the hands are same in the first deal. As the hold on the cards is press, the other cards replace with the newer cards and winning options are checked. In double bet option, choose the higher card to win double prize money. If you select the lower card, you lose all winnings in that particular deal. The highest jackpot amount possible to win on the game is $80,000. Please play responsibly and have all information on wining options that you have in the game.

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