10 High Hold'Em Poker

Software: Odds On
10 High Hold Em Poker is a Table game with bonus payout option available for players based on 10 cards. Its a Odds-On Poker game that offers opportunity to make huge money based on 10+ Paytable and Bonus Paytable.To get a paid as per bonus Paytable both the hole cards must be used by players. This game has two-wager position to bet on which are bonus Paytable bet and the other is 10+ Paytable. Bet on Bonus Paytable prior to 10+paytable. Dealer place two cards on each side which are called as hole cards, when dealer discards the first card, it is burn card; next dealer deals the next three cards face up on the table, it is called as flop and when another card is burn and turned on the table it is called as turn card. 10+ bonus bet is non-refundable; please check Paytable for more information.

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