21 Classic Blackjack $5 to $500

Software: Random Logic
21 Classic blackjack is an online Table game from Randomlogic which has minimum bet of $5 and maximum bet of $500. The objective of this game is to hit a total of cards more than the dealer without bursting over 21. Once you or dealer bursts (ie your cards total goes over 21) the game is automatically won by the other person. Three different wagering positions are available for three player to play simultaneously for multiple betting in a single game. 4 deck of 52 cards is shuffled everytime the deal is made and dealer plays against every wagering postion. As the name suggests this is very classic blackjack game with options such as double down, Split, push and insurance. Any player of the table need not place the bets at all the times. Please check help to know more about the games.

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