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December 16th, 2011
Recently, various online gambling updates have been highlighted from European countries as Georgia, Greece and Belgium. The gambling updates from Belgium has revealed that government of Belgium is pressing ahead for implementation of new inequitable laws of online gambling, ignoring all its criticisms. From the month of January of 2012, law to withdraw their services from all online gambling websites will imply many well-known service provider of Internet as Belgacom, Telenet etc., operating in Belgium without license.

The updates from Greece had shown that Greece is facing difficulties for handling unlicensed operators of online casino games. The president of Surveillance and Gaming Control Committee, Giannakopoulos had highlighted that Greek’s unlicensed online gambling companies earn massive revenue worth €7 billion, which are not being taxed. The updates from Georgia has highlighted that growth rate of online casinos in Georgia is 2 times than worldwide. This is because; operating license for gambling companies in Georgia is less than £2 million.

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