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August 22nd, 2010
Winner Casino is proudly presenting the release of new several new themed games. Some new slot machines and video poker games are included, as well as the new French Premium Roulette. The French Premium Roulette is available to play for multiplayer or single player – so you can go ahead and enjoy the game with players alike. It is also very exciting to find the two new “Top Trumps World Football Stars” and “Top Trumps Football Legends” slot machines, which are based on the most popular sport legends and stars! Both slots have 15-lines and one of them has an interesting special feature. With the Football Stars slot you can choose your team, meaning; you decide which pictures you would like to show on the reels and you, in fact, build your slot whilst playing.

And that is not all at Winner Casino. Furthermore, we found some more interesting new slots, appealing to all movie and comic fans. The classic Rocky and the Pink Panther can be found now, as a 25-lines and 40-lines machine. Both will remind you on those classic times with Rocky Balboa and Inspector Clouseau. Especially the Pink Panther slot has many varying bonus rounds and amusing graphics. To top it off, another Marvel slot was introduced – Punisher War Zone. This slot reminds on the old Marvel comic figure the Punisher, who first appeared 1974 in the Amazing Spiderman Comic, and was later filmed in 2008. This slot is a 20-line one and offers a progressive Jackpot as well as 10000 times your bet! The last newcomers to mention in this creative casino are a new scratch card game called Winners Club, Pirate Hi-Lo, Pharaoh’s Kingdom, Pharaoh’s Secret, Archer, Penguin Vacation and The Discovery. We are sure you will find some new favorite games amongst these exciting new games.

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